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Believe in Dreams

Believe In Dreams

So I’ve been on this tour now for 4 days now.  I’m beginning to realize how hard musicians work to be able to bring their craft to an audience.  Sleepless nights, long drives and tons of unexpected surprises. But through all the ups and downs once a musician gets up on stage, it all becomes magic. 

 I’ve had the pleasure of watching Crystal Shawanda “sparkle” each show.  She leaves her heart on the stage every time.  Your mesmerized by each word and note she sings.  It’s like she’s painting a beautiful musical story for which you want to be a part of.  She has fun up there, belting out tunes and rocking out in her shiny high heel shoes. As an audience member and fan, I’m never disappointed, and am always left thinking “ONE MORE SONG!!!” 

I find there are lots of people who want to become a rock star, but it takes a very unique individual who actually can be one. I’m developing a new type of respect for musicians. I think I’ve always respected them, but having this inside look into this world takes that respect to a whole new level.  

Being a musician is not just about writing a song, and recording it.  It’s about dedicating your life to something that you love, something that makes you feel alive, something for the lack of a better term; completes you. 

 This tour for me was about the experience, about what I could learn and how I could grow.  As an artist you should never stop learning and you should always be growing.  In my opinion at least, that’s how your art flourishes.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for me, one that I’m invigorated and challenged by. 

I’m so thankful and grateful, that I was invited on this tour, and that Crystal Shawanda believed enough in me to let me come on this adventure. 

My saying over the years has been “Believe in Dreams”.  I whole-heartedly embrace this saying; because I know it’s true.   Life is meant to be lived in abundance.  You can have anything you truly want, if you believe in it 100%.  So throw a little bit of sparkle dust on your dreams, and make it happen. J

Seize the Day. Don’t ever quit. Be strong, and most importantly…


~Tinsel Korey~

Seize The Day Album Thank You’s

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I suppose you could say the same about making an album. Even though the words in my songs are about my own personal journey. The journey involves many people, and it is those people who I’d like to thank.

This album is not only my creation but the vision of the producers involved. 

Thank you to Stevie Salas for answering my phone calls/emails, and letting me constantly bug you about working together on music. You took my song “Letter” to another level, and really allowed me to see my potential. 

Thank you to Brian Blake for working tirelessly for months on my music with me. From 7pm to 2am, sometimes almost every day. You put your heart & soul into each one of these songs just as much as I did. You brought a part of my journey on this earth to life, and helped me grow as a songwriter; and for that I will always be grateful.

To Xandy Berry & Wally Gagel, thank you so much for letting me create in your studio and teaching me more about song writing. I would have never imagined working in a recording studio of that caliber this early on in my career. It was truly an honor to develop my musical craft within the walls of WAX studios.

Gerry Cagle, thank you for listening to the 1st drafts and telling me I could do better. For making me understand that it would be the truth in the song, which would be the most important thing about it. 

Thank you to the musicians: Shea Chambers, Marcos Curiel, Mark Schulman, Dan Rothchild, Eric Gobel, Adam Linden, Nathan Beale & Jeffery Michael. You for all added something amazing to this album. It was a honor working with all of you. 

I think the most important thank you goes to my best friend, Doug Yazzie. There are really no words to express how much your guidance and support has meant to me. When I was in my darkest moments it was you who kept showing me the light. You have always believed in my potential and never let me settle for less then the best. My most cherished gift that was ever given to me by the creator was you. Thank you for listening to every cut of every track, being my second pair of years, and helping me make this EP into something I am very proud of. Ahe’hee.

To my Dad, J.P. Korey. There is not a day that goes by where I wish you weren’t here to see who your little girl has become. The first song I ever sung was to you when I was 2 years old; I can still remember that recording. I’m the woman that I am because of you, because you loved me unconditionally. You taught me to be tough, and not let anyone bring me down. I miss you, love you and carry your name proudly. R.I.P Dad. 

To the kids from Quileute, Makah, Natuashish, Sheshatshiu & the Maori kids at Ka 400. This album was also made possible, because of you. I think about all of you often; my experiences with you have changed my life. When I feel like giving up, it is you who keep me going. I told you all to believe in Dreams, but it is you who remind me to keep believing in mine. I love you all and I hope to see you soon. 

Special thanks to, Mona Loring and her team at MLC PR, my theatrical manager Nicholas Bogner, Danielle Bilodeau, Dave at DNA Mastering, Suzette Amaya, Jennifer Podemski, Emma Lahana, Carmen Moore, Shannon Teranishi, Ayron Howey, Lawrence Leung, Amber Agerstrand, Ron Dean Harris, Janice Danielson, Jason Bell, Jason Burnstick, Justin Rain, Julie Johnson, Simon Moya Smith, Audrey Madison, Gil Birmingham, Justin Gaston, Zane Carney, Noah Hunt, Aurora O’ Maley, Wab Kinew, Crystal Velasquez, Jay Tawake, Seb Gatica, Stephanie Diaz, Mamma Luanne, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Pauline, Lucky Jr., Tiger, Gigi, Diana Korey & Mamma J aka Jackie Jacobs.

Last but not least. Thank you to the fans and fan sites. I’m able to live my dream because of you and your support. I won’t let your down. 


Believe in Dreams 

-Tinsel Korey

Wolf Girl Boot Camp

Disclaimer. Just to remind you, I’m not a certified personal trainer, so all my advice is just on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years from reading, working with a trainer, and a nutritional coach.  So the stuff I’m telling you was meant specifically from my body type.  So you’re taking my advice at your own risk. :) 

Alright.  Here we go, Wolf Girl Boot Camp back in effect.  What is Wolf Girl Boot Camp?  Well it’s basically just trying to get healthy, and get in shape without the pressure of trying to be thin, or fit a certain “look”.  It’s about loving who you are, embracing your inner goddess with confidence and poise in a healthy way.  If you already have all that?  Well then hunny you don’t need the camp, and you just keep living your fabulous life just the way you do. :)  But for the rest of us, sometimes you just need to feel like you’re not in it alone.  That you got a workout buddy.  Your own personal cheerleader.  That’s where I come in, and the other Wolf Girls that will be joining this program.  

First things first.  Throw out the pressure.  If you feel like you “have to” do something, you’re never going to do it.  You have to want change.  It has to be a goal for you, you almost have to make it into a game.  Last time I tried to do the boot camp I failed, because I felt I had to do it.  To maintain an image, because summer was coming and that’s what people do.  This time, I’m doing it because I want to; I want change.  Yes, I will want to eat the cake that is staring at me in my fridge currently as I write this blog. *breathes*  Yes, I will want to eat a 1/4 block of cheese before I go to bed.  Yes, I will…. well you get the point.   And I can still eat those items, but just in moderation.  

My trainer said, allow yourself a cheat day.  That way you’ll get out all those cravings.  The thing is though, once your body starts eating healthy it normally ends up rejecting all those processed foods anyways.  Cause really, our bodies weren’t meant to eat them in the first place.  

The first thing I’m starting with is detoxing.  In order to start fresh, you have to start with a fresh palette.  Can’t start building a house on a wonky foundation.  So for the first week, it’s better if you don’t partake in all the sweets, and processed foods.  Try to eat vegetables, fruits and lots of fiber.  Most supermarkets list which products have fiber.  But some examples are apples, celery, beans, granola & 12 grain bread.

So in the morning I’ll start with a glass of green tea.  I was told the green tea will get your metabolism going.  And funny enough you could actually have black coffee if you wanted.  I know coffee gets a bad rap but if you have just one it’s fine.  I can’t drink coffee, cause I’m already a hyper person, and it turns me into “Tweek” from South Park. LOL.  So that’s why I drink green tea instead.

Having eggs for breakfast is good.   I know most people do the egg whites thing, but I don’t think it matters that much.  Yeah if you’re on a “diet”  but that’s not what we’re doing here.  The protein is good for you.  Porridge like what I tweeted today is good, yogurt, fruit, granola bars.  It’s actually good to have a big breakfast, cause your body can actually burn it faster then if you were eating a big dinner at night when you body is preparing itself for rest.  And don’t skip breakfast.  If you have no gas in your car, it’s not going to go anywhere.

Alright lunch.  To me I don’t mind having a big lunch.  I’d rather have a big lunch then a big dinner.  Cause my body is active and I can burn it faster.  Sandwiches, wraps, if you wanted pasta, I would say eat it now then later.  And add some greens to it, with a vinaigrette dressing, NOT a creamy one.

Dinner.  I say do a lean dinner. Like a stir fry, or chicken with wild rice, and a  vegetable side dish.  

And in between all these bigger meals, remember to snack.  Not chips, and anything sugary.  Like an apple, which actually has natural sugars in it and will keep you energized.  Starving yourself, actually slows your metabolism down, so its important to eat something every 2-3 hrs.

Now for the exercise.  You can either hit the ground running, or you could do a brisk walk.  Depends on hard you want to work.  I say if you don’t really do a lot of exercises or none at all, start slow and go from there.  Start with just walking 15 mins a day.  Then add exercises like crunches, calf raises, push ups and squats.  For those of you who want to hit it hard.  Get your metabolism going by doing cardio first, like jumping jacks, skipped knees or running.  Then do crunches, calf raises, push ups and squats for example but with weights.

Ok. So I’m pretty sure I covered the basics.  Tweet me or @TinselKOnline and let us know how you’re doing?  If you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them. :)

Remember, the first week is always the most brutal.  You’re going to be cranky and really irritable.  Remember you’re changing during this process and most people don’t ease into change very well.  So be gentle with yourself.  Listen to calming music, pamper yourself, give yourself a facial.  Just be easy on yourself, don’t get frustrated, and understand that this is part of the process.

Good Luck! :D


Acting 401 with Tinsel Korey

Video Audition Tips

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Originally Posted: April 13th, 2010

Disclaimer:  All this is just my opinion from my experience in the business.  It is not the rule for everyone.  Remember just MY opinion. :)  If you do book something, tell me, so one day I can hopefully give you a hug and say good job.

Let’s begin.

1) Pick a background that is a solid colour (that’s how we spell it in Canada eh!) Preferably not white.  Light to Medium blues and greys work best.  Maybe you have a bed sheet in your closet.  Don’t paint the wall and then have your parents call my agent to yell at me because I’ve now ruined the colour scheme in their house. lol.  

2)  Try to face the window so that natural light is hitting your face from the window.  So, camera in front of window and you’re standing facing the window.  Natural light is always best, the creator knows lighting.  Best times to record are before 12pm when the light really glows.

3) Don’t wear clothes with busy patterns.  Solid pastel colours always show up lovely on camera.  Find one that goes well with your skin tone.  But still stick to your style, dress how you do, just try to stay away from too many pattens

4) Don’t over think it.  Just be you.  They’re looking for awesome people with good personalities.  ”Trust that who you are is enough”.  When you have to tell them about yourself.  Tell them a story, it’ll show much more of your personality then just saying your name and where you live.

5) If you have to sing something, pick something that compliments your voice.  Don’t pick a Mariah Carey song if you can’t hit the notes.  Find something that highlights the beauty of your voice and makes you feel confident. :)

6) Just remember.  If you mess up, it’s ok.  Breathe. You can start over again.  That’s the beauty of a video audition.

It think I’ve covered all the basics.  Now go have fun.  Break a leg my blooming stars :)



Acting 301 with Tinsel Korey

Acting 301 with Tinsel Korey

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Originally posted: May 3rd, 2009

Good Morning Class.

So you’ve got your agent now, you’re ready to start getting out into the world of acting. Now you can just sit back and do nothing and wait for the calls to start coming in. Right? WRONG!!!!!

This is where most of your work is going to come in to play. It’s time to get serious, you’re about to enter the big leagues. 

So your agent calls you and you’ve got your first audition. WICKED! Alright so here’s your checklist.

- Read the material a gazillion times

- Do all your prep work, read the script if there is one, if it’s based on a book read that, memorize your lines etc etc etc

- Be relaxed and breathe. If you forget to breathe you’re going to forget your lines.

- Pick out your outfit, don’t go to outrageous. Like if you have to play a cop, don’t rent a uniform, just have the idea of it. Like a blue tshirt, black pants for example.

- Put your headshot and resume by the door so you don’t forget it.

- Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time so that you can be 15 mins early and not rushed.

- Make sure you have the address right.

- Remember that it was something in you that they liked, that’s why you’re going in. They WANT you to do well.

- Smile, be confident

Alright you arrive. Uhhhh now what? There’s going to be someone there checking you in. Greet them. Give them your head shot and resume. They’ll probably give you a sheet to fill out. Do it ,then bring it back. 

Alright so now you wait. This is the painful part. Try not to listen to anyone’s audition it’ll mess you up and you’ll start comparing that with what you’ve prepared. Put your ipod in and get into your character’s frame of mind. I personally don’t talk to anyone when I’m at an audition for more then two seconds. I just keep my ipod in, and focus on the scene. Or take this time to breathe. Relax your muscles. 

They call your name. HOLY CRAP! BREATHE!!!!!!!!

Now, you could either have a i taped session ( you, the casting director, the camera person, and possibly a reader), or producer/director session. Be polite, don’t ramble out of nervousness. If you have questions about the sides you didn’t understand ask them now. Think about their answer, take a breath and get ready to do the scene. Most of the time they wont get you to SLATE (Name, Agency), but be prepared for it.

Alright do your thing. Thank them. And leave.

From this point on, there is nothing you can do. Allow yourself a maximum of 1 hour to complain about it if you think you were horrible, then move on. Remember. it’s out of your hands now.

Well that was the audition. Now you go back to preparing yourself for another audition. 

Your homework is to write down what kind of roles you see yourself playing, and then write down how you’re going to achieve it. For example if you want to be an action star, you have to be fit and have some sort fighting skills. 

Alright that’s all for today class we’ll see you soon.

Disclaimer: All this info is just my opinion, from my experiences. If you use my methods and something goes wrong I am not responsible. If you get something from my advice then you have to take me to dinner :) hehe. :P HUGZ.

Acting 201 with Tinsel Korey

Acting 201 with Tinsel Korey

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Originally posted March 11th, 2009

If you haven’t read my acting 101 blog.  Go do that then read this.  Alright class.  Let’s begin.

Let’s start with agents. 

How do I get an agent you say…

Basically in every city that has a film industry, there is probably an agency.  Look it up.  DON’T and I repeat DON’T EVER give any one money!  Your agent gets money when you book something.  Not before.  Normally an agent takes 15%.  20% if they are a manager.  I personally think conferences are crap.  I went to one when I was a kid and all that happened was that I spent $2000 maybe even more.  What a waste.  You can have the same experience just by applying directly to an agency. 

 The best time to look for agents is between (February -April)  cause they will be looking for new talent for the busy summer season. 

So here is what you include in your package:

- Head shot (if your child is under 12 a simple picture will do)

- Cover letter (Hi, I’m interested in joining you agency, why you want to act, blah blah)

-Resume ( I’m assuming you’ve never done anything so far, so I would just put school plays)

Actually here I’m going to give you a template of what it should look like

(NAME)  [Address, phone number, email)



(Eye Colour)

(Hair Colour)


(If you have any.  Don’t put don’t things you’ve been an extra in, cuz that doesn’t count, and agents know that you’re bs’ing)

[Production Name]             [Position Lead, supporting]                [Director]


(School plays, dance recitals…etc)

[Production Name]                                                                             [School Name]


[course name]                                                                                   [Teacher’s name]


(ok this is where is counts.  When you don’t have any experience, what you can make up for is in Special Skills.  List everything you do well.  If you make something up you might get called out on it later.  So make sure you excel at it.  If you don’t have an special skills… get some. 

Ok so that’s your resume

Alright so you send those packages off to a bunch of agents.  Now you wait.  A week then you follow up.  Just like a job interview people.   You call and see if they have gotten your package.  And ask if you could take a meeting.  From this point they’ll give you a yay or nay.

A lot of timeS if they have someone like you in their roster they will pass.  So don’t take if hard.  This business is about rejection.  Get used to it.

Now hopefully everything will go well and you have an interview with an agent.

Remember what I told you about open casting calls.  This is similar as in they will ask you to tell them about you.  They’re looking for personality.  They’re looking for that “it” factor, a sparkle, so believe in yourself and shine.  They also might get you to do a cold read so be prepared.  Also you can ask them questions, like what there goals are.  Don’t be shy, you’re there because they liked something about you.

They normally will let you know either right there or will call you back within the week.  If they don’t call you.  Follow up and ask if they could suggest anything you could do to improve.    

OK so let’s say you and the agent vibe.  Awesome.  They will most likely get you to sign a contract.  You don’t have to sign on the spot, you can always take it to a lawyer or just read over it at your own leisure.  Some agencies will ask for power of attorney, which allows them to sign for you (like contracts on shows).  That’s completely normal, but it’s really up to you.

Now that you’re signed you’re going to be going to auditions all the time right?  Maybe, maybe not.  Your agent puts in what you put in.  That’s my motto.  If you’re sitting around eating cheetos (no offence to Cheetos) and not doing anything like TRAINING!!!!  Then why should your agent be busting their a$$ off.   This is a partnership, you have to put in the leg work.

So there you go, Acting 201 with Tinsel Korey is complete for the day. 

Your homework is to look up acting studios and agents in your neighbourhood. Follow the steps in this lesson and get crackin’.

Disclaimer:  All this info is just my opinion, from my experiences.  If you use my methods and something goes wrong I am not responsible.  If you get something from my advice then you have to take me to lunch :)  hehe. :P HUGZ

Acting 101 with Tinsel Korey

Auditions & Acting

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Originally posted Feb, 23, 2009

Originally I posted this so people were aware of an open casting call. But then I thought I should leave this blog up for other people who are interested in getting in the industry.

I want to stress how important it is for more Native youth to get into acting. They are looking for young Native youth 12-18. So if you’re interested, then I suggest you make that leap. 

Alright class… let’s begin.

It’s a tough business. You’re going to get the door shut in your face more then it’s open. But if you believe in dreams I think anything is possible. I think I’ve been kicked down more then anyone has ever lifted me up. I ran away from home, had maybe 300 bucks, and even though the odds were against me I perservered. One of my good friends (who I hadn’t seen in forever), came to the after party for Mother’s and Daughters’s and said “She left and said she was going to be an actress, and she did it, and I always brag about how she did it. She didn’t let anyone tell her otherwise”. You know how many times, I thought about quitting? Too many. I remember talking to one of my buddies and being like that’s it, forget it. And he was like… “you not only give up on you Tinsel, but on everyone who believed in you, who stuck by you. Don’t you dare”. So I kept going, I keep going. For everyone who shows me love; who say I inspire them. 

I Believe in Dreams.

Don’t let anyone say you can’t do something because you can. 

So if you’re sitting there at your computer and you have this crazy idea of doing something, being president, opening a business, being a lawyer, being a singer. Do it! Do it! Do it!

You are the only person really standing in your way.

Now that I’ve gone on some crazy rant, back to the blog.

All I can do, is offer my advice and experience. I’m going to break this down in different acting scenarios.

Write this down (or copy and paste)


First of all open casting calls suck. Not gonna sugar coat it. You’re probably going to feel like cattle. You’re going to be there for a long time. So bring a snack. You’re going to be there with some really cool people and some not so cool people. You don’t have to talk to anyone. I personally don’t really strike up a conversation, because it can be distracting. And it can take you away from you work. Ok so they call your name…

1. Smile

2. Breathe (even I forget

3. When they ask you to talk to about yourself, it’s always good to talk about something other then facts, cause most of the time they have that info from the sheet you’ll be asked to most likely fill out. Telling a story about yourself helps them see your personality.

and last but not least…

4. Be yourself. Who you are will be they reason you get the part. 


So you found an agent, or you got a call back. Sweet! Remember that they saw something you did the first time they liked, so be confident. They are rooting for you to do good, that’s why you’re there. Be prepared. Know your lines. Don’t party the night before; be well rested. You have to be relaxed, massage your muscles while you’re waiting, do breathing exercises. If you’re not relaxed you will not be connected to your work. People are always like how do you remember all those lines. It’s easy. I know my character. If the movie is based on a book, read the book! Simple. If you have access to a script, read the script. The less you know, the more of a disadvantage you’ll be at. 

Ofcourse there are actors who bullsh*t their way through auditions and do perfectly fine. They work. But who cares, not me atleast. If you want to be a fluffy actor, or just want to be famous. Well then this blog is not really for you. This blog is for people who really want to be actors… storytellers. 

I take my craft pretty serious. I train. I improve. I don’t really care about fame. I care about the work. The Story. I’m an artist. If that’s something you’re interested in, then take my advice. Along the way of your journey you’re going to find things that work you and things that don’t. Everyone is different. What works for one, doesn’t work for the other. Find your own path.

Another thing is, if you see someone you don’t like at an audition, don’t wish them bad

things. My agent said this to me once, and I thank her for it. When

you send someone bad energy it comes in the room with you. Focus on

you. Jealousy doesn’t do any one any good. 

Do the best work that you can do, and the creator will reward you. If you don’t get one thing, you’ll get something else. Just keeping working hard and don’t give up. 

Now I talk a lot about training. Well what if you’re in a remote place and don’t have access to coaches? Well start a theatre group. Get together with a friend and run lines. You can find scripts at Find scenes and run them with an acting buddy. Or record the other persons line on a tape recorded and then do the scene if you have no one else who is as passionate about your craft.

There’s lots of things you can do, you just have to want it bad enough.

I’m open to dialogue on this blog. So if you do have any question please feel free to ask them here. Something you’re wondering might be something someone else is curious about as well.

Disclaimer: All this info is just my opinion, from my experiences. If you use my methods and something goes wrong I am not responsible. hehe. :P HUGZ.